Jio Music App is the best entertainment app By Reliance Jio For the Jio SIM Users. Music for Users anywhere, anytime. JioMusic (Also known as JioBeats) provides Millions of songs with unbeatable quality. Experience and enjoy Music in high definition crystal clear format for free. No need to download and store in the physical storage. Just Stream your favorite songs online and then enjoy. Not only one particular kind of songs instead songs from various moods, genres and languages. Just download Jio Music app and listen music online.

More over songs from the music library you can enjoy the radio stations online free. Download Jio Music apk latest version free. Lats march, there were the discussion on merging the india’s online music industry saavn with Jio Music and rebrand it as Jiosaavn. The merge completed in december 2018 and now there is no longer Jio Music and Saavn, combined it as Jiosaavn. Also the appropriate app was developed. Now JioSaavn app download or the JioMusic app update and it will be Jiossavn app then.

Here is the direct download Link to Download Jio Music App[Final Version as Jio Music, Now JioSaavn App] Free

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We know The music app of Jio Merged with Saavn and now JioSaavn App, Here is the direct Download Link to JioSaavn App

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Features Of Jio Music App

  • Millions of music in the app Library.
  • Since the service is purely based in india, the app offers music or songs from 17 different indian languages.
  • HD Clarity songs add more entertainment
  • Songs from different moods, genres, and languages.
  • Songs are classified in to categories so that you can easily find your favorite categories and enjoy same category songs.
  • You can Set Jio Caller tunes with JioTunes service By Jio. You can set any of your favorite song as JioTunes and can change anytime. No extra cost charge from you. It is absolutely free.
  • External device support available with JioMusic  app. Connect with Bluetooth speakers to enjoy music.
  • You can download your favorite songs on your device and enjoy offline no need to worry network problem, flight mode etc.
  • Option to create playlist of your own to categorize your favorite songs
  • Share Option to share your favorite music to social media
  • Search box to catch up your favorite songs very quickly.
  • You can stream Jio Music app. through AirPlay and Chromecast.
  • No any noise, hassle free operation since Jio Music is ad free.
  • Curated list of radio services available with the app

Jio Music APK Specifications

App: Jio Music

Version: 1.8.3

APK File Size: 9.8 MB

Last Updated: October 30, 2018

Total Downloads: 100,000,000+

Rating: 4.5/5

This adfree JioMusic app add extra entertainment with your android and iOS smartphone. App available for the benefit of both iOS and Android users too. JioMusic recommends you the best songs according to your moods and emotions. Enjoy songs in HD 320 Kbps quality. Best graphical user interface with two different themes such as ligh and dark to set as your in day and nigh mode. Download Jio Music app now. Great user reviews from the users who downloaded and experienced the music with Jio. Tap and play your favorite music anytime anywhere.

If you love listening to Indian regional music and want to enjoy HD songs on your phone at any time then this radio app is just what you need. JioMusic – HD Music & Radio is a useful app which allows you to listen to an unlimited amount of HD music in any language you want. With this app in hand, you can listen to your favorite songs without any interruptions. Moreover, the songs are available in a very high quality and can even be downloaded on your phone too. Plus, you have an extensive range of radio stations that you can tune into. This radio app has an intuitive user interface and a user-friendly design and layout too which makes it easier to use as well.

JioMusic – HD Music & Radio requires you to sign into your Jio SIM account before you can access its extensive music library. You are given the option of getting an OTP to create your account using your Jio SIM if you don’t already have an account. This means that only Jio subscribers are able to make use of this radio app. If you don’t have a Jio SIM, you can’t listen to any of the songs or radio stations that this app has to offer. For Jio subscriber, however, this app has a lot of cool features available. It can provide them the chance to listen to all the music that they want for free.

You can play songs in any Indian regional language on JioMusic – HD Music & Radio. A working internet connection is required for streaming the songs, though. However, if you want to listen to the songs offline on your phone then you can download them with a touch of a button. When listening to music online on this radio app, you have the option of arranging the playlist on your own. The app provides song recommendations to you based on your interests. You have the option of re-arranging the playlist anytime you want. This app is completely ad-free so you can listen to music uninterruptedly. There are options available for changing the theme of the player as well as audio modes for customizing the listening experience.

JioMusic – HD Music & Radio offers plenty of choices when it comes to radio stations too. The radio stations available on this app are classified into various categories. You can pick the station you want to listen to based on your mood or genre. Several choices are available in this regard including Jazz, Soulful, Party, Dance, Ghazals and Qawwalis. You also have the option of choosing your radio station in terms of eras too. For instance, you can choose from Super Hits 2010, Chartbusters 2000, Flashback 90s, Melodious 80s, Nostalgic 70s, Classic 60s and Golden 50s. Another category of radio stations available on this radio app is artists. Here you will find curated radio stations with songs of a particular artist. You are offered the option of unlimited skips when playing any of these stations.


  • Intuitive user interface
  • User-friendly layout and design
  • Various categories of radio available
  • Play radio of your favorite artists
  • Music available in various languages
  • Song recommendations based on your choice
  • No interruptions or ads during playback
  • Option for downloading songs in HD quality


JioMusic – HD Music & Radio is an app which is designed primarily for music buffs and users of Jio SIM. It offers them the opportunity to listen to and download HD songs in various languages on their phone for free and also offers them a variety of radio categories to explore and enjoy. While it is an amazing radio app, it is only available for Jio SIM users and if you don’t have a Jio SIM then you won’t be able to use it.